Agreement Of Goods Return

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The terms of sale apply to the sale of goods from the online store. Prices of products sold in the online store are displayed next to the products. Prices include VAT. The price is added a fee for the delivery of the goods. Shipping costs depend on the buyer`s location and the type of merchandise. The delivery fee is posted to the buyer when the buyer places the respective order. Information about a particular product is displayed next to the product in the online store. If you want to order products, you need to add your favourite products to the basket. To place an order, you must complete the required data fields and choose the preferred shipping mode for the goods.

After making the necessary selections, the amount will be displayed on the screen that you can pay via a bank link. Payments are accepted in euros. The contract will come into effect upon receipt of the amount payable in the online store`s bank account. If it is not possible to deliver the ordered goods because they are no longer available or for some other reason, the buyer will be informed at the first opportunity and the money received will be refunded immediately and no later than 14 days after receiving the notification. Validity of sales contract, goods and price information In the event of a delay in delivery of goods ordered online, consumers can use a letter of complaint model provided by the European Consumer Centre. The goods are delivered all over the world. The cost of shipping the goods is the responsibility of the buyer and the corresponding price information is displayed next to the type of delivery. Shipments to Estonia are delivered to the intended destination within 3 to 7 business days from the effective date of the sales contract. If the buyer has special wishes when ordering the goods, the delivery can last 1 to 7 business days. In exceptional cases, the delivery time of the goods can be up to 45 calendar days. However, if your refund policy is short enough, you can absolutely include it as a clause in your CGV agreement, as ClearSmile Brace did here: As a general rule, companies issue gift cards or a memory credit for refunds when the customer cannot provide a receipt or other proof of purchase, or as a gesture of commercial will if the customer returns the item in a timely manner. If the consumer terminates the sales contract, the goods are returned within 14 days of the revocation of the notice of withdrawal.

If so, the consumer must prove that the product was returned on time, for example. B by presenting a return product. Customers generally expect you to pay the return fee if they have received a damaged, defective or fake item, but for the rest, it is customary for customers to pay these fees themselves. Most customers want to know how to return or exchange an item if they are unhappy, which is why it is obvious that you need to post your refund policy somewhere. The company must repay payments with the same payment method as the consumer. There should be no charges to the consumer to be refunded. Consumer consent is required to return payment to another method, such as. B a gift certificate. Make it clear how customers start the return process. It should be concise and easy for the consumer to understand. Gymshark uses a return portal and presents very clear steps to use it: Myprotein, for example, gives customers 14 days to make a return: Since you need a customer`s consent for your terms of use before you buy goods or services, including your refund policy in this document, you can assume that the customer has given you his consent. The essential feature of the agreement is that the retailer assumes responsibility for the goods while in its custody and pays the holder only for those it has sold.

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