Contribution Agreement Canada

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3.4.1 Canada estimates the contribution rate to the Hague Conference on International Private Law at 33 units of the overall budget assessment. In July 2013, the value of each unit was set at 6,422.40 euros for a total contribution of 211,939.20 euros, or 291,670.73 CDN. The exchange rate was set at $1.3762 in September 2013. When the recipient takes a loan, lease or other long-term obligation relating to an activity or benefit for which the Minister`s contribution is paid, the recipient assumes no obligation on behalf of the Minister and ensures that any agreement to that effect is expressly linked to the Minister of any liability for non-performance by the beneficiary or damages caused by the beneficiary. Giving birth. The recipient ensures that any licensing agreement for the use of the IP project includes similar provisions allowing the Minister to verify the accounts and registrations of licensees with respect to the calculation of the amounts that the recipient must pay to the Minister under this agreement. The recipient recognizes, acknowledges and accepts that the General Auditoriori of Canada, after consultation with the recipient, may conduct an investigation under the control of Section 7.1 (1) of the Auditor General Act with respect to any funding agreement (as defined in Section 42, paragraph 4, paragraph 4, of the Financial Management Act) with respect to the use of the funds received. 11.1 With the exception of contributions to the Hague Conference on Private International Law and the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (Unidroit), advance payments upon receipt and acceptance of a claim for eligible expenses are made up to 95% of the contribution if the recipient is not late to its reporting obligations. As part of a grant or contribution program, Health Canada does not purchase goods or services from a recipient; Nevertheless, both Health Canada and recipients are responsible for ensuring that funded projects are completed in accordance with the agreement. The terms of grants and contributions are often used interchangeably, but they differ because a subsidy is an unconditional transfer of money.

Most Canadian health funds for projects are funded in the form of contributions. “sub-convention” – the agreement signed between the organization and a final beneficiary or local partner. The PPI`s actions are consistent with the government`s priorities. As such, contributions can be made for the following judicial activities: 17.2 IPP objectives must be implemented in the broader context of Canadian linguistic duality, by supporting projects for official language communities in minority situations.

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