Wework Membership Agreement India

Apr 15 2021 • Posted in Uncategorized

10.Payments. By signing up for a we subscription, to hot desk or other services (including service plans or meeting room reservations) and by providing your payment information, you agree to pay us the recurring or one-time fees related to the specific services you purchase, as they are displayed to you at the time of the creation of your account and/or your registration for the corresponding services, or as we have updated at your time after notification. You acknowledge and accept that the payment method you provide will automatically charge for the fees and any other amounts you are paying or that will be held liable in connection with the Services (including damage to our premises or property). A single payment method can be used at any given time to make payments for all the services you purchase in a single transaction. You need to keep your payment information up to date and accurate. Recurring fees that may include recurring contributions (“member contributions”) and any other recurring fees you have accepted in connection with the Services will be charged on the first (1st) of each month, unless we notify you otherwise. Overspend and other one-time fees are charged within 30 days of obtaining these taxes. If your membership fee or other outstanding tax is not paid until the tenth (10) of the month in which this payment is due, you will be responsible for paying the current late fee. The current schedule for late fees is shown on www.wework.com/faq. Your use of the services may be immediately suspended and ultimately discontinued if, for some reason, we cannot incriminate your payment instrument.

If we receive money from you, we will first apply the funds to all assets that are late and in the first month due. Once the previous balances have been settled, the remaining portion of the funds will be applied to current royalties. Your account fees may change from time to time and these changes take effect in your next subscription period. Your continued use of the Services after notification of these changes and until the next payment date is your consent to these modified fees. You can cancel your account at any time, as shown below, if you do not accept the changed fee. If we have charged you VAT and the services we provide to you under these conditions are exempt from VAT at all times, in accordance with these conditions, we will credit you with the VAT that has been charged to you and which we have recovered. In addition, in this case, the tax charged to you will be increased retroactively by an amount equal to the amount of VAT to be credited. Such credits and the resulting rate increases will balance each other out and the total amount you pay us will remain the same. 9.Link with a company. During the registration process, you can identify a company (defined below) with which your profile is linked. Otherwise, your individual profile may have been created by an authorized representative of your employer or other organization for which you provide services (a “company”), and your profile is assigned to that company.

You agree not to falsely represent your ties to a company, to present yourself as a third party, or to disclose to us or otherwise to present false or misleading or misleading information to us or the WeWork community. If your relationship with the company changes or ends in your profile, you agree to immediately update your profile to reflect it, you can submit an application for it at help@wework.com.

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