To Nod In Agreement Word

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“Stop the kissing words, Sam. There are ladies present,” he said, nodding Lee 142. These examples are automatically selected from different online message sources to reflect the common use of the word “nicke”. The opinions expressed in the examples do not give the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us feedback. These are “words that we can live by ever since,” Christie told the nodding audience. Keep the same smile on your face, nod quickly and answer in one word. “Clarke nodded and proved himself during the series” She nodded to the waiter to bring in the cake. “Maybe it`s a big shot,” Washington replied, nodding wisely. “They`re having fun,” she says, nodding to the kids on the beach. He listened to what she said, smiled from time to time, and nodded. He nods as he watches the scene and raises his thumb.

Definition learning Nicken`s English (entrance 2 of 2) Above the bed, his wife and sister nod their heads. If he says something, nod his head; This nod will push him to agree with you. 1`to a nod from the manager, she tamed the lights`2`there is a good chance that the lords will give the nod to the contract`2`er welcomed Ivan with a quick nod`14th century, in the meaning defined in the intranstive sense of the term 1 And then, tired and nodding, we will finally leave the highlands and enter at dusk, where all the roads end. Chynoweth hesitated for a moment, then gently withdrew and nodded. I was expecting an argument, but she was nodding and going out. Middle English nodded; Perhaps similar to the old German hnot┼Źn to shake 1`Ronny Johnsen, David May was preferred….

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