Uipath Master Partner Agreement

Oct 12 2021 • Posted in Uncategorized

Deloitte`s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) practice is on a mission to help companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes. We work with our customers to help them harness the potential of new automation software by providing enterprise-wide and sustainable RPA solutions. We leverage our extensive experience to support customers on their automation journey with a variety of services ranging from opportunity assessment to scalable implementation. Automation Anywhere offers a comprehensive support plan to its global subscription subscribers through its technical support program, which includes its end-to-end support plan. This solution is designed to provide Automation Anywhere customers with the help they need right now. To get this level of support, all you need is a license for your on-premise software or to be subscribed to your cloud services. In any case, this is an exceptional advantage that the company offers. As stated in the previous section, it is likely that there will still be scenarios in which a solution partner will bring more benefits in terms of dedicated services. Tacstone is a leading RPA store company in the Netherlands. Founded 15 years ago by a group of senior partners of a Big 4 consulting firm, our roots lie in digital transformation, sourcing (out) and risk management. Our first UiPath RPA client project was successfully completed in 2018.

Next, we automated several hundred processes for dozens of client organizations, set up RPA centers of excellence, and trained hundreds of students, faculty, and customer staff in RPA. Our clients are in the fields of public transport, housing companies, healing and care, education, pharmacy, property management, logistics, financial services and others. According to a recent Forrester Wave evaluation, Automation Anywhere scored one of the highest possible scores in several categories of evaluation criteria. Perhaps the most notable in terms of differentiation have been the platform`s broad capabilities and the ability to continue to evolve, supported by the availability of its extensive applications managed by its bot stores to partners. Here, solution providers can train robots to a number of requirements that they can then be published to the store for others to take over. Automation Anywhere`s Bot Store, known as the largest bot store in the RPA industry, is an important point of differentiation in reducing delivery time and added value with preconfigured solutions. . . .

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