At the Edge of a Restless Tide

Apr 1 1997 • Posted in Poetry

I shut my eyes
at the edge of my Pacific,
at the edge of a transparent world,
where the sounds of the sun
and sea are one.

Yet more than these two,
more than life’s reaching tides,
the sea, the light and we
longing to hold the

A tide within us,
held by the moon.
A world wrapped within itself
enfolded arms
of a living universe.

So life, our tiny world,
Clinging to a drifting smile,
waves an endless sea,
disappearing in dark fathomless time.

The sea, a tear on a warm cheek,
A tide on golden sand, warmed by the sun
sinks back into the

We seek that edge on a restless tide
somewhere between sea and stars,
waiting for a song
we can barely know.

James T. Hubbell
April, 1997



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