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Shadows & Space drawing by James Hubbell

Ilan-Lael Foundation

Phone: 760-765-3427


ILAN-LAEL is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts education foundation that creates a space to connect people, art and nature for a more sustainable and harmonious world.  They create hands-on opportunities to celebrate the built environment for its potential to help us see ourselves and our world in new ways.

The Ilan-Lael Foundation was founded by James and Anne Hubbell in 1982. Drew Hubbell serves on the board of directors and assisted with the historic designation and transfer of the Hubbell home and art studios to the Ilan-Lael Foundation, allowing the unique structures to serve as an art education and nature center; a gathering place for artists and friends; and a retreat space for like-minded people and organizations seeking inspiration in beauty, art, and natural surroundings. The Ilan-Lael Foundation website hosts information about:

  • The Hubbell Home Tour /  Ilan-Lael Home & Studios Open House each Fathers’ Day in June
  • Volunteering at the Colegio de Esperanza School in Tijuana
  • La Rosa Blanca Workshop in Tijuana
  • Ilan-Lael Workdays
  • Donating to the Ilan-Lael Foundation, Building Fund, and James & Anne Hubbell Endowment Fund
  • Conversations on Beauty


Hubbell & Hubbell

Phone: 619- 231-0446

Led by licensed architect, Drew Hubbell, and located in the Bankers Hill neighborhood near downtown San Diego, the architecture studio has focused on green design since 1995.

Hubbell and Hubbell Architects is where Jim and his son Drew often collaborate on projects–from conception through the permit stage to the finished product. Jim and Drew believe that the building process should be exciting and fun, and they strive to make that a reality for clients, workers, and all involved.

Drew and James HubbellArtist-father and architect-son work collaboratively with clients, architects, designers, artisans and fellow visionaries to marry soul-stirring beauty to the practicalities of living in harmony with nature’s designs. They bring to each project an open-hearted ability to create aesthetic, environmental and spiritual solutions through the integration of design and art.

Sensitivity to the environment, innovative design work, and artistic detailing makes Hubbell & Hubbell Architects unique among architectural firms. Specializing in sustainable design since 1995,  our team is committed to integrating nature-centered art and architecture in environmentally-friendly private and public spaces.


Pacific Rim Parks


The Pacific Rim Park Project is a nonprofit organization that has as its mission the creation of friendship parks around the Pacific Rim as a means of fostering understanding and goodwill. During these month-long, hands-on projects students from various Pacific countries design and build a park overlooking the ocean.

James Hubbell has served as Executive President/Artistic Director since the first park was built in Vladivostok, Russia in 1994.  President, Kyle Bergman, was a architectural associate at Hubbell & Hubbell in the 1990′s and has been involved since the second park was built in San Diego in 1998. Hubbell & Hubbell Architects has provided architectural and permitting assistance for the parks as needed. The Pacific Rim Parks website contains:

  • Descriptions and photos of the parks
  • Media/photo albums shared by participants
  • Donations to the Pacific Rim Parks 501(c) 3 foundation

Other Affiliates

San Diego River Park Foundation – Board Member

San Diego/Vladivostok Sister City Society, Co-founded by James T. Hubbell

Tijuana/San Diego Sister City Society Advisory Board

Pomegranate Center – Advisory Board Member

San Diego Botanical Gardens – Advisory Board Member